Not everyone is what they say to be, especially, online.

With that said, businesses in Kenya struggle to find the right talent when recruiting workers in their digital departments.

From the high unemployment rates which make it even harder to land on the right guy as thousands apply for a single post, to people lying about their capabilities, businesses are now trying to analyze how they recruit top talent.

Hiring the right people is the lifeblood of most organizations. Getting it wrong can be costly and detrimental to morale.

The ‘war for talent’ is fierce, particularly within the professional sector, and growing businesses and organizations need a clear strategy to recruit and retain the brightest and the best.

Often, it is much easier to know who the right person is for your team when you have experience hiring the wrong people.

The right person is someone that fits in and that adds to your company instead of taking away from what you have created.

Qamil Media group was founded by Javan Samora, a pure digital journalist who went on to grow and become a top content specialist in Kenya.

With over 10 years of experience collected from working for top digital companies such as Opera, African New Media Group, TUKO Media, Genesis Media and other flourishing startups, Qamil Media understands digital operations and is well connected to top talent in Kenya.

It’s from this we decided to focus on recruiting ONLY digital talents for organizations.

Stressed out getting the right freelancer, coder, developer in Kenya for your job?

Call us we have the contacts. 

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