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Diamond Platnumz has rummaged EA for the finest ladies and Tanasha might just be his best catch yet, it’s evident she’s better than Zari and Hamisa

Diamond Platnumz has dated the finest ladies in East Africa and impregnated at least one in each country — Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


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Tanasha’s baby shower is just three days away and it’s coming a few days after her pregnancy shoot —which was duplicated from model and rap star Saunsu BTW, …. IJTYSK (I just thought you should know).

The baby shower thing has really left East Africans comparing who is the better catch among the three. It has been happening since Diamond landed Tanasha alright.

But now, the playing field is getting leveled and all the three women he dated can be said have hit a certain level that is worth the comparison.

Tell me more…

Results are still trickling in. We still have to wait for Tanasha to deliver and watch her as a mum though…. but, it’s clear Kenya has taken a huge lead in this race.

Tanasha is way better. In Everything. Style, singing, taste, composure, brains, hustle and of course, beauty.

Say what?… 

It’s odd to ask whether Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan can catch up. They’re not in the race anymore.

But we still can’t call Tanasha to the podium and hand her the trophy yet. Not yet.

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