Damn! Like most girls, 32-year-old singer Avril was hoping for a fairy tale wedding but ended up with a baby daddy

It seems singers Marya and Avril are unable to keep a man ever since they released their chat-topping collabo “Chokoza” five years ago.

Chokaza warned men in clubs not get too attached because the two were just looking for fun. Perhaps that’s what men are exactly doing now.

Avril recently confessed that having a nuclear family –mother, father and kids — was always her aspiration but….God had other plans.

“I was looking for a family (mother, father and child) but sometimes, unfortunately, you know how life is,” said the singer on Radio Jambo while promoting her new song.


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Fans have been working overtime trying to figure out who knocked up the sassy singer and then slid away just like it never happened. Avril also has been smooth so far, side-stepping, dodging and clawing back on anyone pestering her with nosy questions on who the father of the child is.

“I will not say who he is,” Avril said in the interview just like a dozen other times when asked. “Because I don’t want to. I don’t feel like it’s always necessary for people to know everything about your life.”


Word on the street, including very credible sources that QMG trust, have insisted that moneyed video director Jblessing is the baby daddy. Both have stayed mum so far, but fans know nothing stays hidden forever. Especially, in Kenya.


Avril doesn’t regret having the baby with him.

“I don’t think I have any regrets because I have the real treasure –having the baby,” she added.

“I still have a very good relationship with the father of my child.
Mtoto aneza kuja before you establish a family unit through the traditional way, but a family is a family. If eventually we will be able to solemnize our relationship and make it legal, it doesn’t really matter for me because at the end of the day, we’re still a family unit.”

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