In Nairobi to work for a few days and thinking about steaming off a little after work?

Thinking about enjoying the night for a few days and you night someone to drive you around?

You want to take your clients out for lunch and enjoy some loose talk?

Qamil Media Group can help you entertain your clients in Nairobi and its outskirts and improve your business relationship.

The objective of client entertainment is typically to get to know more about your client and to learn more about their business, in an environment that is interesting, fun, and favors openness and peer-to-peer discussion, and then to further strengthen the relationship. 

At QMG we go on a fact-finding mission first. We find out what your client’s likes and dislikes are and plan accordingly.

With today’s technologies, face-to-face interaction can feel like a thing of the past. After all, we communicate much more now via email, text, and conference and video calls. That makes the original face time – and we are not talking about the app – so valuable for building more genuine (and more profitable) relationships.

Are you in Nairobi for a few days and want your clients entertained? Please reach us through, or call 0704687824 for further discussion.