Churchill launches Taji Recognition Awards that will reward top comedians in Kenya

Comedian Churchill has launched the Taji Recognition Awards to honor top comedians in Kenya.

On Friday, Churchill announced comedian Njugush and NTV’s Managing Editor Emmanuel Juma as the first recipients of the award during the third edition of International Africa Laugh Festival at the KICC, Nairobi.

Njugush, who was in the audience but not aware he’ll be honoured, was kinda surprised when he was called on stage by Churchill to collect his trophy.

No way…

“Wacha niseme napatiwaga Award lakini sijawahi pewa kama hii. I’m always treated as others. This means a lot,” he said when he got on stage.

“Thank you so much Churchill for recognizing what we do. For creating platforms for people like us ndio tujulikane na watu kama hawa na sisi tujisukume. I’m a really humbled.”

Juma was feted for his humorous weekly segment ‘The Bull’s Eye that airs every Friday on NTV.

The awards will be yearly and the 42-year-old comedian hopes that next year, people will also get to vote on who they want to see honoured.

That’s nice…

“We just did our personal stuff, next year we will give the fans a chance to choose whom they think deserves to win,” said the Churchhill.