Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV has proved you really don’t need a popular name on your show for it to be popular

A week ago, Kibera rapper Stivo Simple was a nobody. A struggling rapper from the slums trying to make ends meet. And, the society wasn’t helping him at all achieve that.

”People used to say I look like a monkey,” said Stevo in an interview with TUKO. “You know, it is painful but there was nothing I could do but just persevere.”

Just five days later, Stivo has signed a decent deal with NACADA and has few hot collabos lined up …. one even in Tanzania with singer Rayvanny.

All thanks to the internet and a freestyle he dropped on Chipukeezy’s show that was quickly turned into a meme.

They say Ebru TV is for the younger generation. Memes …. also…. are predominantly for the young generation too.

Steven Otieno AKA Stivo Simple says only persistence has kept his dream alive.

However, comedian Chipukeezy has managed to proved that you really don’t need a “popular” name on your show for it to be popular. His show has really made stars and you can’t compare when Ofweneke and Creme were in that space.

So that question TV producers keep asking “ati huyo ni nani” before you go for these entertainment shows should be dropped. It’s a new age. Pair up guys in interviews instead of rejecting people. Fans might be missing these live shows on TV but following them on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter IG etc later.

With the internet, weird is good. And ‘boring’ in most cases turns out to be fun.

His best shows, in terms of virality, have been the one with unknown names.