Capital FM running back to its exes after mass exodus of presenters

The art of recycling media personalities in Kenya is nothing new. But for Capital FM, it seems like the only viable, fast and effective strategy they might currently be having considering the recent mass exodus of their presenters.

The 23-year-old radio station has ran back to one of it’s former presenters yet again following Maqbul Mohammed’s exit last week after 12 years at the station.


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Capital has now poached host Fareed Khimani from Nation FM barely a year after the station recruited him while trying to re-brand.

In 2015, he quit radio to pursue other interests but three years later, he was back on Nation FM… again…hosting the morning breakfast show.

Khimani, who worked for Capital FM before joining XFM and Nation FM in the early 2000s, will now be hosting the ‘Breakfast Show’ with Amina Abdi Rabar.

Say that again…

Fareed was also eyeing Abdi for quite some time now and he couldn’t let the opportunity slide.

“I always had a list of things to do before my next birthday…” joked the presenter on Twitter.

“Well one of them is to work with this very talented Co-host @aminaabdirabar.”

His return comes barely a week after former Citizen TV Joey Muthengi….who was sorta free btw before the calling, made a comeback, replacing Cess Mutungi who also left after a decade at the station.

Are they okay?…

They might not have said it yet…but things kinda look off at Capital.

A total of six presenters have left so far.

Web Editor and lifestyle writer/photographer Susan Wong, Laura Walubengo, Anita Nderu, Sharon Mundia and the two mentioned above… All have said they’re leaving to pursue new challenges.

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