Mobile business in Kenya

Local Businesses Should Always Think Mobile First When Creating Content

Javan Samora

Almost everything, especially in Kenya, happens on mobile nowadays. There were 52.06 million mobile connections in Kenya in January 2020 which was equivalent to 98% of the total population.

Therefore, when thinking of reaching your customers, mobile should be your first option. Mobile isn’t just the future, like the internet, it’s revolutionizing businesses.

Local Businesses Should Always Think Mobile First When Creating Content

Treating mobile content as another channel rather than another way to view content from extant channels allows companies to create an immersive and well-rounded experience for buyers, and to more adequately address their needs and purchase habits.

Here are 6 mobile marketing tips that will help your business

Develop a mobile-friendly website

We talk about this almost every day. Before you start any mobile marketing campaign, it’s essential to make your website mobile-friendly. Make sure your design is responsive with a mobile menu design.

Register on Google My Business

Adding your business on google makes you pop up whenever customers google your industry and location.

For example, you are in Bungoma for the first time and want a warm, cozy hotel to spend your night in. You google “good lodgings in Bungoma” and the top five hotels that pop up are those on google business.

websites with Mpesa

Pay attention to mobile-friendly SEO trends

As mentioned above, your customers will google you using a lot of different keywords.

Even Google announced that it’s focusing on mobile-first indexing which means mobile SEO is more important than desktop. It’s essential to optimize your SEO for potential keywords more regularly used in mobile searches.

Mobile services integration

This might be a little costly but it helps retain your customers because it really improves your services.

Mpesa website integration

Introduce Mpesa to your payment system. Even if you can’t integrate system-wise, at least drop a number that people can pay directly to.

Calling or texting should be a one-touch step while integration with common apps such as WhatsApp should be obvious. You should also make it very easy to follow your social networks. 

Use text message (SMS) marketing

People like to say texting is dead. That’s not true.

A lot of people might not be using text as much but they still check their phone messages often. That means as a marketing tool, SMS is still viable. 

Mpesa in Kenya websites

According to Ihumanmedia, 58% of smartphone users check their phones at least every hour. They keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them to find information.

Craft a short text about your business followed by a link redirecting them to your website or social media pages.