Bien insists Beyonce’s album is just fine, East African artists should work harder: ‘Stop that victim mentality’

Beyonce featuring West African artists on her new album “Lion King: The Gift” has not discouraged Sauti Sol lead singer Beine Aime.

In fact, it has motivated him.

“As Kenya artist, we should stop that victim mentality that tunaonewa( we are being marginalized).” Said the singer.

“Guys should just sing and make hits. It will eventually get to Beyonce but you need to work as an industry. Sauti Sol should not be the only group worthy of being in such an album we need to be many. We need to step up as an industry with structure and we will make it.”

Say that again…

In case you haven’t got wind of all the hullabaloo, American singer released the Lion King inspired album and dedicated it to Africa.

However, she pretty much featured only West African artists …. and given that movie was done in East Africa, many thought it would have been wise to add someone from Simba land.

Bien can explain why though. He believes the sound Queen B was after eliminated East Africans.

“Beyonce was doing an Afrobeat inspired album and Kenyans do not make Afrobeat music,” he said.

“That type of music is found in Nigeria and Ghana and that is where she went to seek for artistes. If she wants a benga inspired album, Kenya is the place to be.”


When the album was officially launched almost a week ago, fellow Sauti Sol members weren’t sharing Bien’s view. They took to social media to whine and shun B for her project.

But even then, Bien preached the same.

“F*ck you East Africans. Work hard. This is not your uncle’s movie. It’s a business. No pity party. Everyone wants to eat. You better have something on your plate,” he commented on one of Fancy Finger’s Instagram post where he was whining.

“Everyone wants to eat. You better have something on your plate. My friend all I have been all my life is a martyr for this region. If this is the defining moment of my loyalty so be it. But facts remain facts.”