Best Time To Post On Social Media In Kenya

Javan Samora

Technically speaking, there’s no universal ‘perfect time’ to post on social media.

But, before you rush to call this post clickbait, it’s good to understand perfect timing doesn’t just come around. You first need to study your social media demographics and stats. Deeply.

You don’t want to be the guy who has the perfect goods, goes to the market on time only to find out it’s not on market day.

A lot of variables come into play when trying to figure out when is the best time to share something on social media because even what you are sharing matters.

Let’s start with the lazy, busy, and uninterested ones who don’t have time to dive into stats.

The perfect time to post on social media in Kenya on any given platform should be roughly between 11 am and 3.30 pm, from Monday – Friday with Wednesday being the best day of the week to share anything on social media. Stick to this and it will be hard to go wrong. But, we are not promising.

To be honest, posting on social media is different for every country, platform and even brands. But, with the right tools, it’s staggeringly easy to figure out the best time to post for your social media channels.

This article will explain in depth when we should post to get the best results. With that said, here is when you can post on each platform and get better results.

When should you be posting on Facebook?

  • Facebook is broadly used on mobile and desktop, at work and at home
  • Best times to post are between 1-4 pm
  • Engagement is higher on Thursday and Friday
  • Funny and upbeat content is best on Fridays
  • Posting at 3pm will get you the most clicks
  • Post at 1pm will get you the most shares
  • Use the Facebook Insights tools to see when your audience is on

When should you be posting on Twitter?

  • Something to read during down times like commutes, breaks and so on
  • Tweet between 12-3 pm
  • Best time to get retweets is at 5 pm
  • During the workweek is best
  • If you’re B2B (business to business), tweet during the workweek
  • If you’re B2C (business to consumer), tweet more on the weekend
  • Twitter gets used a lot during work breaks and the commute to and from work
  • Use Twitter Analytics to see the best times to post

When should you be posting on LinkedIn?

  • Is for professionals and users tend to use it around work hours
  • Best time is between 7:30-8:30 am and between 5-6 pm
  • Try Tuesdays between 10-11 am
  • Worst time to post is between 10 pm to 6 am
  • Best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • The most clicks and shares happen on Tuesdays

When should you be posting to Instagram?

  • Users are on a platform meant for mobile, and that means they tend to use the network all the time, any time
  • Monday and Thursday at any time – NOT between 3-4 pm
  • The best time to post is between 2-3 pm and between 8-9 pm
  • Sharing a video at 9 pm gets 34% more interaction
  • Post content more during off-work hours than during the work day, aside from peak times

Still, this shouldn’t be the end of it. Keep trying and testing until you get the formula. And even when you get the formula remember to always be on the lookout because social media patterns are never constant.