Bahati is asking you to let your woman control your life if you want to be happy

If you have a wife or a girlfriend and you really want to be happy, you should let her run your life, gospel singer Bahati believes so.


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Married for only two years now Bahati believes he has finally cracked the code of staying happy in a relationship; just do what you’re told. Always.

Wait, seriously?

Speaking in an interview on NTV, Bahati confessed that his union to an older Diana Marua has been smooth because he lets her lead.

“Whatever they say should go,” said Bahati.

“You know women are the ones who run our homes. By the way, advise to men out there, dear men, if you want to survive, if you want to be happy like me and not stressed like Samir, pleas allow your wife to hen-peck you. That way, your marriage will be happy.”


It’s not the first time Bahati has shared such sentiments. Fans once complained that Marua, who’s three years older than Bahati, manipulates him a lot.

Bahati later addressed the issues saying that his wife runs their home and therefore he has little say.

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