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Kenden Limited, A Top Electrical Company In Kenya Is Saving Many From Power Nightmares

Kenya Power, for years now, has enjoyed a great monopoly in the power market and has, over the years, levied […]

Client Entertainment

In Nairobi to work for a few days and thinking about steaming off a little after work? Thinking about enjoying […]

Take Advantage Of The Potential Of The Web

In today’s day and age, where the entire world has turned into one big global village, businesses need to be […]

Kehinde Mustakim Kazeem: Meet Multi-Talented Music Manager Making Big Time Waves In The Music Business 

Making a name in the music industry isn’t something easy. While very many names pop up daily in the business, […]


“Infographic” consists of the words “information” and “graphic.” In essence, an infographic is a form of visual communication meant to […]

Seunsharp: Meet The Nigerian Superstar Promoter Behind All The Big Nigerians Names Flocking To Kenya

When it comes to showbiz and event promotion, a lot of people try their luck but very few emerge winners. […]

MAT Release(Adverts on print and online news publishers) 

Get your sponsored content in front of millions of readers with a Qamil Media Group MAT Release A MAT release […]