Arrow Bwoy denies being monotonous in his songs: I just want to spread love

Singer Arrow Bwoy is defending his image and music career, shunning critics who have been calling him out for being both monotonous and lacking creativity.

In an interview with Hot 96 FM, Arrow Boy defended his brand saying that he has grown up in a tough environment a reason why his songs are all about love now.

Well, the singer grew up in a really tough neighborhood—-
Nairobi’s Huruma Estate—- and not forgetting his dad was also a violent man. Growing up, he saw very little love and he’s therefore now obsessed with spreading it.


“The reason why I talk about love is because there was a lot of domestic violence in my family; my dad beating up my mum… so I grew up seeing that, that’s why I praise women and sing about love because that is what I wish to spread,” he defended himself.

‘Ngeta’ is a slang for ‘being mugged’ ….. and also the name of his brand new song. According to Arrow Bwoy, he incorporated his tough upbringing with the theme of his music.

For Real?…

“I’ve been brought up in the ghetto, so getting mugged is a habit we are used to. I wanted that kind of love, a lady to mug me and not let go…I want a lady who won’t get tired holding me,” he stated.

Watch Ngeta below: