Anne Kiguta on why she doesn’t hang so much with fellow celebs: ‘I only keep real friends’

Even after taking almost a year off after resigning from Citizen TV, catching news anchor Anne Kiguta hanging out with other celebrities or making duckfaces on social media with her friends wasn’t easy.


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Reason: she has a small circle that doesn’t really enjoy that kind of publicity.


Hanging out with fellow celebs just for the show isn’t part of her thing. She stays with legit friends, people who always have her back.

“I have been so blessed that there is a group of people who can put up with me,” said the mother of two.

“I keep very real friendships, you don’t see me hanging out with a bunch celebrities and I’m not saying that celeb friendships are not real. But my friends are you know my gung ho friends. If I do not have a packet of milk can I come and tell you, ya maziwa. You know I’m too grown to have time for such games.


She was speaking in an interview with K24 Digital where she also touched on her comeback at K24 TV.

Kiguta has a new show dubbed Punch line which centres on governance and politics. It premeiered on July 21, 2019.

Watch the full interview below:

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