Akothee’s charity push feeling more and more like a relevancy and society’s approval campaign

Well, just the other day, Akothee was getting dressed downed by Kenyans — including prominent ones — for opening her legs while on stage.

She was analysed, rebuked and even threatened as Kenyans tried to justify her acts.

Fast forward two weeks later, Kenyans are dying of hunger and the government is denying. Akothee jumps into the steering wheeling and is able to coax Kenyans into contributing millions to feed Turkana residents.

She was lauded. With many now coming back to defend her parting legs action.

But as days have passed, it seems like Akothee’s initial plan of helping is starting to feel like a society’s approval campaign, and a little relevancy plan.


Yes it’s charity, but posting each and every step of it on social media ends up looking like a relevancy campaign.

I’m glad Akothee helped.


I didn’t because its not really helping…just painting a trash can and leaving the garbage. We have been here before and from the look of things, we shall be here many more times. Next year, Akothee won’t help. The cycle will move to someone else who really needs the publicity.