Akothee denies donations and recent charity are a bunch of organised soft campaigns to usher her into politics

Akothee went from being a vilan, angering Kenyans with explicit performances on stage to a celebrated hero in a matter of hours.

Kenyans believe there must be a reason why things are taking this direction. Either she’s fighting hard to clear her image or she’s thinking about politics in 2022… like her friend Jalang’o.


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But according to the singer, it’s all about bringing change, and Kenyans should emulate her recent move if they want a better country.

“If all of us had the same spirit of checking in on our leaders, supporting them as we place our grievances, I believe there will be change,” she said.

“I am not joining politics any time soon, but I believe its my responsibility as a citizen to participate in the well-being of my environment. Imagine if we had the whole Nairobi come out today to clean and clear the sewage, ahead of the rains, we won’t have regrets when the heavy rains falls, but because we believe we voted someone in for that matter, that’s where we go wrong. Did we follow up? Have we taken responsibility of our well being or our neighbors? ”

Kenyans typically sit and curse politicians when things go wrong.

Kenyan politicians on the other hand are just something else and the reason why there’s a growing disconnection between citizens and them is because time and time again they have failed to deliver what they promised.

She sounds like one already…

Akothee believes approaching politicians for nice talk might help…which we highly doubt.

“Do we attend the public meetings or we watch TV at Homes and wait to scream on social media?,” said the singer.

“I think most of our leaders are approachable, and we can use this platform to bring change other than lamenting and cursing I BELIEVE IN CHANGE. It starts with you.”


Whether or not Akothee is stepping into politics, her recent actions feel a lot familiar…Remember singer Jaguar? Remember Francis Hamisi alias Frasha. They sure started like her, then sounded like her before finally announcing their bid.

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