Adelle Onyango’s new podcast to help African men understand their women

Radio host Adelle Onyango has started her second podcast that will further her goal of pushing for gender equality and proper treatment of women.

“PursePective” will also help in sharing women’s according to Onyango, who just two weeks ago was still at Kiss 100 FM hosting the Breakfast show with Shaffie Weru.

“The narrative of the podcast is based on the premise that in the patriarchal nature of society, men have a privileged hand and many times do not even realise it. The aim of this podcast is to bring this to light, highlighting for men the privilege they may take for granted,” Adelle noted.

It will be a second podcast from the radio host who’s also running “Legally Clueless”. Legally Clueless, however, revolves around her brand, something that PursePective.

Good luck with that…

She hopes it will give men an easy route on understanding women.

“The podcast is a platform to not just tell the African woman’s story but to get men to understand what it takes to be the modern African woman and the social intricacies involved.” she said.

“The podcast is based on the understanding that women are not the problem; the obstacle and hindrance to gender equality and sexual abuse, is not fellow women; and that if men know and do what’s right, we live in a society as equals.  The podcast is really for men.”


On Tuesday June 25th, PursePective will premiere at a two-hour live viewing which will be held at K1 Klub house. The viewing will feature a 60-minute panel discussion followed by a 60-minute Q&A between the guests and the show’s panel members.