A year later, fans want to know if Kamene’s body count has changed from 27 but she’s not having that talk..ever

It’s almost a year now since former NRG radio presenter Kamene Goro revealed the number of men she has writhed and tossed with in between sheets.

The figure stood at 27 and some fans want to know whether she has slept with more men since then.

On social media, after Goro announced she’s leaving NRG for Kiss 100 Fm, one cheeky fan took the opportunity to inquire whether the number she told rapper Prezzo and fellow host Andrew Kibe during a Whisky Challenge has gone up.

Kamene, 28, though –given how Kenyans bashed her and called her all kind of prostitute-related names following the confession– wasn’t ready to return to that pit.

Oh come on…

“You know,” she told the fan, “that story almost made me lose my mind. I am not gonna talk of my body count on national radio on the last day of my show today.”

Well, it’s true, that story almost ruined her image. It angered many feminists too who claimed Kenyans, are way too judgey and should leave her alone.

But seriously though…

QMG found the number quite interesting. And like many other Kenyans, would sure want to know the new figures. Anyone? We know she’s just celebrated her 28th birthday.

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