7 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Small Bussiness Website

Javan Samora

We have been talking about content for quite a while now that sometimes it may sound like the design of your website doesn’t matter.

Website design matters. Visitors will actually leave if the design of your website is unattractive. And if you really have some good articles, they might struggle through but never come back afterward.

Here are a few signs that should push local businesses in Kenya to redesign their websites:

1. It hasn’t been updated in forever

As mentioned in my previous article, a dead website could easily mean a dead business. It’s that serious.

Make sure you are updating your website regularly to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Fresh content not only keeps your visitors coming back but can also boost your SEO rankings. And if you are having a problem with running your website in Kenya these guys can get you qualified writers.

2. Your content doesn’t grab attention

Regardless of your business, your content should be interactive. Don’t just post material that customers will ignore.

3. Your bounce rate is high

Google Analytics is the easiest way to check your bounce rate, so make sure it is properly configured on your website.

How visitors interact with your website and how fast they leave tells you whether your content is engaging enough. Analyze why customers are bouncing off. Could be other things such as design or a slow website.

4. Difficult navigation

Some websites are just too hectic to maneuver. It’s like you are in a maze.

You are in Nairobi, trying to get the contacts of a company in Mombasa from their website but you just can’t find them simply because they are tucked somewhere only the admin can figure out. So you give up and leave. Business lost.

5. It doesn’t reflect your current brand

Your website design should always represent the best and most current expression of your company’s brand. In Kenya with all the scammers around, you don’t want to look like an imposter.

If you updated your logo, changed your colors, or altered the styling of any of your materials, your website should look the same. Eliminate that doubt from your customers.

6. It’s visually complicated

How sweet to the eye is your website?

It only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for visitors to form a first impression of your website. Before they read a single word on a page, they’re judging your site based on look and feel.

Imagine selling Mitumba clothes through your website but instead of posting pictures of what you are selling, you explain them in tiny words. Sounds awful?

Visitors need to know instantaneously where they should look, but if a page is too complex, their eyes don’t know where to go. Things like structure, color, spacing, and font help identify what’s important.