10 Types Of Videos Small Businesses Need Right Now

Javan Samora

Doing videos is now easier more than ever.

While 20 years –even 10 years– ago you needed a team of not less than 10 people and a fat bank account to shoot a quality video for your business, today thanks majorly to Apps and the internet, small businesses in Kenya can create content cheaply that will resonate with their customers.

As mentioned in my previous article, content posted on businesses’ websites shouldn’t be done just for the sake of it. The main reason should be to increase sales. If it’s other reasons such as comms, entertainment, and education, it should be of value.

Here are the 10 video types that you should be making right now:


Frequently asked questions are something businesses, especially younger ones, experience.

They work as both and customer service videos. Having FAQs pages on websites is crucial but also having them in video format makes them even more engaging. Just remember to keep the long and conversational.

2. Testimonials

Nothing new. However, video testimonials are powerful and better than just written content. Seeing people share how your business helped them solve a certain problem or how effective you are in the market helps increase sales.

3. Reviews

Just like testimonials, reviews help you market yourself using your customers.

Good reviews will always push you further and bad reviews help you improve where you are slacking. A secret to this is to always be truthful. Many businesses prefer to post only the reviews that praise them instead of going 50-50 or at least 70-30.

4. How To’s

How-Tos videos generally help your customers understand how they can easily get your services and products. This is also great customer service that will save customers the need to call you up to ask a question about how the product works. 

5. Product Spotlights

Product spotlights help in marketing your new product and services.
Product videos increase the chance of a purchase by 144%, so surely no small business can be too busy to create some product spotlights?

These videos need to be creative, have a story, and most importantly, a call to action.

Remember: You don’t have to make all these videos at once. For small businesses especially in Africa, it can be still very overwhelming. Just go step-by-step with where customers are flocking to but starting with
Product Spotlights should be your best gamble.