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Kate Actress lists 3 crucial points that young talents should note to avoid pitfalls: ‘Don’t make the same mistakes we did’

Having clocked more than a decade now in the entertainment industry, actress Catherine Kamau Karanja has almost seen it all. The ups, the downs, cons, the lazy, the hardworking, the lusty, pretenders, and many more. Kamua has also seen a lot of young talents blow their careers after hitting pitfalls that could have been easily avoided. On Instagram, she recently took time to share career-ending mistakes younger artists should avoid in case they want to hit a few decades in the cutthroat business. “You don’t […]

Gossip, LATEST

Tanasha Donna finally reveals why Diamond dodged her album launch: I couldn’t pay him

Singer Tanasha Donna, now that she’s no longer dating Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, has finally come clean on what really happened between them during her EP launch in February that made the Tanzanian cancel his appearance last minute. In a rather shocking move, Diamond backed out and also ordered his Wasafi team to fly back home, leaving Tanasha, who has only a year of experience in music, to go on with the event …. and it was a disaster. Though Tanasha claimed then that Diamond […]


6ix9ine paid me $900, I took it but later returned the cash. I want more- Magix Enga

Kenyan producer Magix Enga claims he was paid $900 by American rapper 6ix9ine’s team to drop copyright claims after accusing him of sampling his beats without permission. Magix Enga accused the controversial rapper of using his beats in the intro of his new jam “Gooba” uploaded on Youtube. After spending 16 months in federal prison on charges of racketeering, carrying a firearm and assault with a dangerous weapon, 6ix9ine finally dropped his awaited song but things didn’t go exactly as planned thanks to the producer. […]


Kriss Darlin moving on after political heartbreak: ‘Life has to go on. I am an entertainer and entertainment never stops’

Kris Darlin might have lost in the recent ODM nominations but that doesn’t mean he’s now going to whine and cry in a corner. He still has work to do. “Life has to go on and I have to do my job as that was what I was before,” he said in an interview with Kenyans. “I am an entertainer and entertainment never stops. Everyone has to go back to work and live as brothers and sisters by sharing a meal and ideas that will […]


Ethic’s song ‘Figa’ deleted by Youtube and Apple Music because it’s a copypaste. Manager claims it’s part of their ‘bigger plan’

Ethic’s new song “Figa” is no longer on Youtube, Apple Music and other online streaming services because they apparently jacked the beat and are now facing copyright issues. Zilla, Seska, Swat and Rekless, who make up the group, it has come to our knowledge, used a beat from Puri, Jhorrmountain and Adje’s 2017 banger ‘Coño’ and …. it’s a direct copypaste. Almost hitting a million-plus views on Youtube, Figa was huge. Most remember it from NRG’s Kamene Goro’s cameo as the video vixen. Losing Figa […]


Diamond Platnumz has rummaged EA for the finest ladies and Tanasha might just be his best catch yet, it’s evident she’s better than Zari and Hamisa

Diamond Platnumz has dated the finest ladies in East Africa and impregnated at least one in each country — Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Tanasha’s baby shower is just three days away and it’s coming a few days after her pregnancy shoot —which was duplicated from model and rap star Saunsu BTW, …. IJTYSK (I just thought you should know). The baby shower thing has really left East Africans comparing who is the better catch among the three. It has been happening since Diamond landed Tanasha […]


Jalang’o now has a music record label dubbed HeavyJMusic

Comedian Jalang’o has been investing heavily since making a name in the entertainment business. Jalas has a new investment, a recording label called HeavyJMusic that will focus on giving upcoming artists a chance to showcase their talent and win Kenyans …. like how he did with singer Masauti. If you have been wondering why Jalang’o likes praising Masauti’s music so much, especially on social media, it’s probably because he made those songs. OMG… Masauti is the first artist under HeavyJMusic (maybe not officially signed). Jalas […]


Kush Tracy denies joining Tinder following account bearing her photo: “I don’t look for friends with benefits online”

If you have been waiting for a bootycall from singer Kush Tracy after chatting with her on dating app Tinder, just know you have been duped. The born again Christian was recently on social media to vent and call out a Tinder user going by the name Maggie who has been using her (Kush) photos as profile pics. Kush might be single, but going online to look for love? ….. that’s not her thing. Wait, What?… “I am not/never been on Tinder😡this just came to […]


MP joins long list of those impressed by Stivo Simple Boy’s music push, wants to finance him

For years, Kibera rapper Stivo Simple Boy has pushed his music career but got nothing but rejections in return. Lately, it seems no one can say NO to him. After releasing his brand new song “I lift you higher” featuring Scheneider Shanny, everybody can’t help but agree Stivo has the talent and desire to be in the music business. Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro has also noted this and has offered to boost the Kibera artist’s music career. It’s rare for you to hear a member […]

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Young artists learn fundamental steps needed to grow their brands during Raytalk season two

One of the main reasons why upcoming artists fail to reach their full potential is because of the lack of mentorship. With good mentorship, artists are able to avoid a lot of pitfalls and eventually end up being a success. Veteran DJ D-lite –who has been in the show business for almost three decades now– and comedian MC Jessy, who also packs a well-decorated portfolio, united last week at Raytalk forum to educate younger artists on how they can successfully build their brands. Raytalk season […]


They picked Jeff Koinange to represent Kenya at East Africa Got Talent but Ian Mbugua was the perfect choice

We celebrated Jeff Koinange being picked as a judge on East Africa Got Talent Show. But I can’t help and wonder how they passed on Ian Mbugua. 9 O’clock news is important. Very. But…. Koinange has a very unorthodox way of presenting news. I hate it 😁. Also, his judging on the show is…. eeeehhh. Remember he’s only a journalist. This should have been Ian’s job. Now hear this… Kenya would have won big. These things need emotional guys and Ian is as emotional as they […]


Watch: Juacali’s new song “Maswali Kibao” is …. classic Juacali

It has been almost 20 years now since Juacali started rapping. But if you take his 2004 songs and put them right next to his 2019 ones, not much has changed other than the quality of the videos. They have improved. And his new song “Maswali Kibao” isn’t any different from the description above. A 2004 Juacali rapping over the same beats in 2019. Answering a lot of questions this time round on how his life has changed since he got money…well, and getting married. […]


Wendy Waeni apologizes to Jalang’o after accusing him of failing to pay 4K debt: “I don’t know what happened but it won’t happen again”

Wendy Weani is sorry. Sorry to anyone she might have let down. She’s sorry for her mum. Heck …. she’s even feeling sorry for herself. But most of all, she’s sorry of how she embarrassed comedian Jalang’o two years ago on social media. During her appearance on Citizen TV’s JKL show, the 14-year-old gymnast told Jeff Koinange how her manager Joe Mwangi has ran away with her social media accounts after defrauded her. And, …. she also shared, calling out Jalang’o on social media was […]


Fena Gitu charges around 500K per show: “But it doesn’t happen every time.”

If you’re thinking of booking rapper Fena Gitu for a show then you better have at least half a million in your bank account. The rapper spoke to Betty Kyalo on her show “Upclose with Betty” on K24 TV where she said she might be milking in now with performance fees but starting out –a decade ago– wasn’t easy. “There was a time I couldn’t breath and now I am coming up for air, levitating,” said Fena, who, has been a trending topic regarding her […]


Photos: 8town Crew honors Ken Okoth with outstanding graffiti

8town Crew, a group of graffiti artists from Kibra, has honored their late MP Ken Okoth with a graffiti at the DC stage in Kibra. Madd Lion, Ish Artlives and Aluoch, who make up 8town Crew, collaborated with Detail 7 for the mural. “Ken was very supportive of his people here in Kibra and especially the youth and so we thought the best way to honour him was to have his graffiti done here in Kibra,” said Ish Artlives. So sad… Ken Okoth died on […]


Strictly for the hip hop heads! Watch ‘Canuka’ by DJ Tin Tin, Dillie Ft Ares 66, P.R.O and Tito Wagithomo

Rappers Ares 66 and P.R.O have teamed up with Kikuyu maestro Tito Wagithomo for their new hit ‘Canuka’. The song has been produced by DJ Tin Tin and Dillie, mixed and mastered by House Of Dillie while the video was done by Slim Visuals. “Canuka” is one of those rare informative, woke hip hop tracks that really hit the airwaves these days. Watch it below:


Njugush speaks on being so broke that he had to sleep outside with a watchman, Depression, hopes of flying a plane

Comedian Njugush recently linked up with Standard Media for a sit-down and revealed some very nitty-gritty details of how he endured all the hardship before enjoying stardom in the comedy space. It has been tough for the comedian. Leaving “Real Househelps of Kawangware” show made him suffer …. but, it also paved way for the unexpected. “I had just left the Real Househelps of Kawangware show. I had no idea what to do. We got broke. We had been given a fridge during our wedding […]


Vera Sidika not happy after being ranked second On Top Gold Diggers List in Kenya ….she wanted to be number one. Hudda not on the list

A Kenyan newspaper has published a list of top gold diggers in the country and ranked socialite Vera Sidika at number two. Sidika, as expected, didn’t like the report …. or the rankings. The Citizen Weekly compiled a list of over 100 women they believe top the list of slay queens and gold diggers in Kenya. The list is full of politicians and other prominent names. OMG… Vera reacted to the post through insta-stories saying it was trash …. but also couldn’t help and wonder […]


Harmonize insists he’s still a member of WCB even after taking separate bus to event: ‘Diamond is like my dad, I can’t leave him’

Harmonize believes he has two dads, his biological dad and well, Diamond Platnumz who fathered his music career. Therefore he can never leave him …. or his label Wasafi Classic Baby. Journalists wanted to know how comes Harmonize was taking a separate bus branded “Konde Gang” to transport his team members (Konde gang) to a Wasafi event, yet WCB Wasafi had buses doing the same job. A lot of rumours have been flying around claiming Harmonize has left Wasafi and many journalists believed that taking […]


Season 2 of Ray Talk to kick off this Saturday at After 40 Hotel in Nairobi

If you are a music artist, circle August 3rd on your calendar because the day might actually change your life …. and career. Raytalk season two will officially kick off at After 40 Hotel in Nairobi on this day starting from 9 am till 1 pm. The free-to-enter inspirational and motivational talk forum for artistes, seeks to train, nurture and equip both upcoming and established artistes on issues relating to and affecting their music careers. Veteran DJ David Murithi aka DJ D-lite —-who has some […]